How easy your maintenance work in a natural gas processing plant could be

DirectMountSystem – Youtube thumbnail for animation movie "maintenance work in natural gas processing plant".

Joe and his team have to monitor 250 million cubic feet of natural gas (250MMcf/d) on a daily basis to minimize GLE and ensure 100% delivery.

If an asset fails or a DirectMount System leaks, it must be replaced immediately without losing valuable time for disassembly and assembly. After all, with every leak, no matter how small, the system operator loses money and he does not find that funny.

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The difference between valves acc. to ISO 15848 & bellow-sealed valves

The difference between valves acc. to ISO 15848 & bellows-sealed valves.

Diminishing natural resources and expanding energy use are forcing the industry to regroup. The growing stringency of legal requirements obliges companies to use emission-reducing equipment.

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