The difference between valves acc. to ISO 15848 & bellow-sealed valves

The difference between valves acc. to ISO 15848 & bellows-sealed valves.

Diminishing natural resources and expanding energy use are forcing the industry to regroup. The growing stringency of legal requirements obliges companies to use emission-reducing equipment.

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How to ensure compliance with BLM rules

How to ensure compliance with BLM rules.

In my new blog post, I would like to deal with some new rules and regulations. These directives concern the Bureau of Land Management orifice meter measurement (short form: BLM). I am the Sales Director – Americas. From this position, I have seen how the American oil and gas industry is struggling with the new BLM rules.

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Useful little helpers in the measurement of natural gas

DirectMountSystem - How to eliminate gauge line errors in natural gas applications.

Field research and testing conducted by Southwest Research in San Antonio, Texas and the Pipeline Gas Compressor Research Council (PCRC) confirmed that pulsation created by compressors, flow control valves, regulators and some piping configurations may create undesirable levels of Square Root Error (SRE) and/or resulting Gauge Line Error (GLE). Pulsation at the orifice meter is a major source of lost and unaccounted for natural gas. These errors create either large economic gains or losses for the buyer and seller along a natural gas pipeline system.

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