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Direct Mount Systems

DirectMountSystem - Connections with reduced installation costs.

Stabilized Connectors for DirectMount Systems

In many industries, orifice meters are used for measuring the rate of flow of liquids and gases. In the past it was common to connect instruments with the main piping by using orifice meters, primary isolation valves, fittings, tubing (impulse piping), remote mount manifolds, pipe stands and further accessories. This conventional installation method is time- and cost-consuming accompanied by some technical issues.

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DirectMountSystem - Best Practices For Natural Gas Measurement.

Best Practices For Natural Gas Measurement

Field research and testing conducted by Southwest Research in San Antonio, Texas and the Pipeline Gas Compressor Research Council (PCRC) confirmed that pulsation reated by compressors, flow control valves, regulators and some piping configurations may create undesirable levels of Square Root Error (SRE) and/or resulting Gauge L ine Error (GLE). Pulsation at the orifice meter is a major source of lost and unaccounted for natural gas. These errors create either large economic gains or losses for the buyer and seller along a natural gas pipeline system.

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DirectMountSystem - The Difference between ISO 15848 and TA-Luft.

Fugitive Emissions: ISO 15848 vs. TA-Luft

Tracking and limiting Fugitive Emissions has moved into the focus of many countries around the world. Stringent legal requirements force the industry to rethink and use emission-reducing equipment. This sounds very simple, but from my experience there is still misconception when it comes to this subject.

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DirectMountSystem - AOG Exhibition 2017: The Future Is Coming Fast.

AOG Exhibition 2017: The Future Is Coming Fast

This February I had the opportunity to visit the Australian Oil & Gas Exhibition 2017 in Perth. AOG is the largest O&G exhibition in Australia and celebrated its 36th anniversary. Large numbers of industry zones, conferences and networking events and some of the latest innovations and products are exhibited here by global participants.

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